Club Objectives


There are many benefits to being involved in student clubs and organizations. Being a part of a group offers assistance with the following: career enhancement, communication skills, leadership skills, social networking, social skills, personality development, organizational and management skills, build resume, long lasting friendship and more. 

Club categories

Academic Clubs

These clubs are typically founded on particular fields of study and Students can participate in events, forums or programs that can develop their skills and gain valuable experience. The academic clubs function under club incharge registered under this category

Non Academic Clubs 

These clubs offer opportunities for students to experience both on-campus and off-campus activities that are both learning experiences and fun.


Club Coordinators

1. RRC                              - Mr. S. Karunaikannan AP/English

2. YRC                              - 

3. Thiruvalluvar Mandram - Dr. R. Suresh AP/Tamil

4. Rotract                          - Dr. K. Vikramprasad AP/Physics

5. Leo                               - 

6. Cosumer                       - Dr. A. Prakash AP/Commerce

7. Cultural                         - Dr. R. Pannerselvan AP/Tamil

                                            Mrs. E. Maryimmaculate HoD/Viscom

8. Womens empowerment-

9. Green                            - Mr. S. Ramesh AP/Tamil

Club Policies and Guidelines

All the students of Jairams Arts and science College are eligible

Establishing a New Club

Registering a new club with the Student Affairs Department occurs during beginning of academic year

  • Contact club coordinator to get an Application for Club Recognition Form.
  • Recruit a minimum of five currently enrolled students to select a club or organization advisor.

Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities

Positions: President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary

Responsibilities of President:
  • Oversee club, members and managerial staff
  • Manages sub-categories of clubs (if any)
Responsibilities of Vice President:
  • Assists the president with duties
Responsibilities of the Treasurer
  • Responsibility for maintaining all club dues and budget issues
  • Fill out expense Request form to purchase the requirements of club activities
Responsibilities of the Secretary
  • Keep record minutes for all the meetings
  • Records minutes for all the meetings

During the course of the year, administrators, faculty and/or staff will be asked to serve as an advisor for a student club or organization. Before accepting the role of an advisor, the faculty, staff or administrator should study the policies and discuss with Dean and Principal. Once an agreement is reached with a faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor, the club or organization should have him/her sign the Application for Recognition as an Approved Student Club/Organization form.

Advisor’s Expectations

  • Advisors are expected to guide the organization and to serve as a mentor to the leadership in planning and implementing meetings, events and activities.
  • Advisors must have knowledge of and approve all organizational activities, events, and expenditures.

Planning And Approvals For Club Events/Activities

  • The executive club committee must approve of the event
  • The staff incharge of the student club must approve the event

Before an Event

  • Plan an agenda for the event and sent to the Student Affairs Department for approval
  • Advertise the event

After Event

  • Within 24 hours of the event, complete the Event Report
  • Submit the Club Event Sign-in Sheet, Event Evaluation Surveys, Excel Spreadsheet of Evaluation Results, Event Report Template and pictures to the Student Affairs Department within 48 hours of the event.
Records to be Maintained
  • Meetings with meeting agendas and minutes
  • List of activities with documents, sign-up sheets, and survey evaluations