Chairman's Message

Rtn. Er. R. Ramasamy, B.E., M.Sc.(Val)., M.I.E., FIV., 

We have adopted a quality policy of  pursuing excellence and reaching an excellent level in arts and sciences and teacher education.  Our institutions fortify those students who succeed in sports and games, and care for them to hold our flag high at national and international sports events. This is the incredible that our athletes come home with a large number of medals and records every year. We firmly believe that students must learn what they must learn before they can continue to learn.

The personification of our institution is that the education received should help students broaden their horizons at all stages of life. We believe that education is not limited to regional or national borders, it should also cross national borders. We can proudly say that we have attracted a large number of rural students.

There are many ways to influence the world, but there is no greater impact than expanding education and empowering people. In turn, this will expand and educate people.

I wish everyone all the best..