For the Attention of Parents

  • 1. Parents must ensure that children bring the diary to school every day.
  • 2. Progress report will be given to the parents only, after every furnished examinations in person. The Progress card’s meeting will be informed through the diary of the student.
  • 3. Parent are requested to avoid requesting leave for their wards as far as possible. Incase of absence for special reasons,leve application should be sent in written prior to the date. In case of sickness, Leave letter should be produced on the day the student attends the school. Producing medical certificate is essential in case of long absence.
  • 4. Parents attendance at the P.T.A. meeting is compulsary.
  • 5. Parents should check and sign their children’s diary every day for homwork and other instruction.
  • 6. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify in writing of the change of address or telephone number to keep an up-to-date record of such information.
  • 7. Parents should see that their clidren follow the rules and regulations of school.
  • 8. In case of emergency, parents who want to take their children to home during working hours, must get permission in person with written requistion duly signed.
  • 9. Promotion entirely depends on student’s performance in each unit test, mid –term and terminal examinations. All the students should have the minimum 90% of attendance.
  • 10. Parents are asked to avoid from sending an obviously sick child to school. The child has to attend school after proper medical treatment.
  • 11. Student cannot be excused for absence from regular participation in the physical education programme. Student may be excused for one period only for temporary ailments.
  • 12. Parent have responsibility to notify the school when a student sufer from ailments like severe allergies, diabetes, heart diseases, fits and any abnormality etc.
  • 13. Students are not supposed to be in the school premises before and after school hours specified by the school authorities.
  • 14. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, negligence of Homework, disobedience, disrespect for teacher and other misbehaviour may entitle dismissal of the pupil from school.


  • 1. Parents can meet the Teachers /Principal between 4.00 p.m. to 4.45. p.m.
  • 2. Parents may freely use the Suggestion box in the school without any hesitation for all types of suggestion /opinion / grievances / complaints.