DEPARTMENT OF Chemistry(Post Graduate)


  • ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: The chemistry department sits at an intellectual and physical nexus of the basic science engineering and medicine at Stanford. In our institute this department was started in 2014 -2017 batch. B.Sc., Chemistry (General) M.Sc., Chemistry will be started in upcoming academic year
  • MISSION: To educate the students for research to meet the global environmental issues through Chemical education .The department of chemistry aims to equip our students with the Conceptual and experimental tools required to understands and manipulate the molecular world. The department offers classroom laboratory and independent study experiences that span the traditional areas of chemistry (analytical, biological, in organic, organic and physical chemistry) as well as the interdisciplinary frontiers.
  • VISION :The department provides distractive and relevant education is the Chemical Science at the graduate levels. The department prepares Students for a diverse and changing world. We strive to contribute to a chemically literate Society through Teaching, Scholarship and Service.

Programmes Offered

B.Sc. Chemistry(Post Graduate) (Tamil / English Medium)  
M.Sc. Chemistry(Post Graduate)  

Staff Members

S.No. Name Qualification Designation Publications
1 Dr. Vijayakumar P M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Head -
2 Mr. Prabhu V M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor -
3 Mrs. Sumithra A M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Assistant Professor -
4 Mr. Maduraiveeran K M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Assistant Professor -
5 Dr. Durai Natarajan P M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor -
6 Mr. Santhosh A M.Sc., Lab Assistant -


  • Undergraduate
  • B.Sc., (CHEMISTRY ) Post graduate
  • M.Sc., (CHEMISTRY )*
  • The chemistry provides many satisfactory to the students. It has volumetric, gravimetric experiments needed to carry out the experiments. Filter pump, Hot air oven facility done on (2016-2017) academic year. There is more number of salts, solutions, Glass wares etc.
  • There are consumable non consumable apparatus used to do the analysis and carry out the experiments. * Potentiometer * Conductometer * Hot air oven * Filter pump * Electronic balance * Centrifuge machine