• English is a global language that has brought people and cultures together. It has now, in the current global scenario, become the language of education, technology, trade and cross-cultural relations. English literature as a discipline caters to the inculcation of values even as it enriches communicative skills, and thereby grooms the holistic development of the youth. Learning of literature thus contributes richly to community living and comradeship. The Research Department of English at Jairams aspires to offer holistic education by teaching and training the students in using English effectively, to make the students employable and to lead them to a total formation within the human community

Programmes Offered

B.A. English(PG & RESEARCH)   Syllabus
M.A. English(PG & RESEARCH)  
M.Phil. English(PG & RESEARCH) (Part Time/ Full Time)  

Staff Members

S.No. Name Qualification Designation Publications
1 Mrs. Viji R M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor & Head -
2 Mr. Mahendran M M.A., B.Ed., D.T.Ed., M.Phil., Assistant Professor -
3 Mrs. Rajeshwari M M.A., B.Ed., Assistant Professor -
4 Mr. Vijayakumar P M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Assistant Professor -
5 Mr. Arulraj S M.A., B.Ed., D.T.Ed., Assistant Professor -
6 Mrs. Subha P M.A., B.Ed., D.T.Ed., (M.Phil.)., Assistant Professor -
7 Mr. Navaneethakrishnan M M.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D.)., Assistant Professor -
8 Mr. Sugumar N M.A., B.Ed., Assistant Professor -
9 Ms. Deepa S M.A., B.Ed., Assistant Professor -
10 Ms. Suhasini B M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor -


  • The Department of English has been striving to equip the students with English language skills required for research and employment, and to offer them holistic formation. The department offers under graduate and post graduate programmes of study and Research related to English language and literature and Teaching of English Language. It is the largest and star Department of the College, which enjoys the status of being the only Department that has contact with every student at the undergraduate level. B.A. programme in English literature was started in the year 2009, and it was upgraded as a post-graduate department in 2012. The M.Phil Research programme was begun in 2017. English Department provides language skills addressed include, listening, comprehension, fluency development, oral intelligibility, reading, grammar, writing and vocabulary development. Academic study skills addressed include, task taking, note taking skills, academic vocabulary usage, critical reading and writing, Comprehending academic lectures.
  • COURSES OFFERED : Undergraduate @ B.A, (ENGLISH) Postgraduate @ M.Sc., (ENGLISH) Research @ M.Phil., (ENGLISH)