Problem Solving Skills

Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning


Basic English Grammar, Communicative English-Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Cambridge Business English Certificate(BEC), Voice and accent

Interpersonal Skills

Effective Verbal and Non Verbal Communication, Rapport Building, Styles of Communication, Barriers of Communication, Benefits of Building Quality Relationship and Presentation Skills.

Values & Ethics

Importance of Education, Service to Humanity and Society, Respecting Parents and Teachers, Indian Scientific Heritage and Patriotism.

Interview Skills

Attire, Body Language - Postures & Gestures, Eye Contacts, Etiquettes, Attitude, Group Dynamics, Group Discussion and Personal Interview Techniques.

Life Skills

Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Self-Confidence, Self-Realization, Self-esteem, Time Management, Self-Motivation, Auto Suggestion and Resilience.