Vision & Mission

                                                          OUR VISION

  • To provide quality education to youth from all sections of the society.
  • To mould them into responsible citizens capable of serving the nation.
  • To offer value oriented higher education to the ruler\urban mass.
  • To equip them to meet the challenges of regional, national and global demands.
  • To inculcate a high sense of discipline.
  • To foster research and development.
  • To mould the ignited youths as leaders in all walks of life.

                                               OUR MISSION

  • To offer education programmes that will make these students to be dynamic entrepreneurs or employable graduates.
  • To inculcate ethical, moral, social and cultural value of our country.
  • To inspire them to be services-minded and charitable and an asset to the society with positive and creative attitudes.
  • To motivate the faculty to enrich their qualifications and teaching skills and update their subject knowledge.